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Flat foot repair | Pediatric Flatfoot | Before and After Surgery


Pre and post op range of motion. 

What you need to see about pediatric flat foot.   

Board Certified doctor to get it done right or revise.

In this informative video, we delve into the world of flat foot surgery and how it can be successfully performed by a skilled podiatric surgeon. Learn all about flat feet, pediatric flat feet, and how a doctors at can help correct this common foot condition. Don't miss out on this valuable insight - visit our website for more information. #flatfoot #naplespodiatrist #flatfeetsurgery #podiatricsurgeon #healthcare.

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Video transcription:

So, pronation right here, right here pronation, so patient had previous surgery but it wasn't locked in. So previous surgery, went to go back in and cleaned that up for her, but basically she's not locked. She's still pronating as you can see.

So we're gonna stop that pronation today and go ahead and we fix that area for her.

So here we go.

This is -- we are status-post procedure right now.

Before loosey-goosey with pronating, you see now no pronation.

We have the Evans Graft in there.

We have -- I'm pushing pretty hard on the fifth metatarsal base, loading the foot, the ankle is nice and straight, it's not going anywhere, he has a little bit more give, it pronates slightly just as normal and the flexor tendon transfer was done, so you see it's nice and stiff, it's locked and loaded, ready to go. Good job.


At the Family Foot & Leg Center (FFLC), we take pride in our expansive network of cutting-edge clinics spread strategically throughout Collier, Lee, Charlotte, and Sarasota Counties, ensuring that no matter where you are in Florida, expert foot and ankle care is within reach. Our mission is to help you overcome your foot and ankle challenges swiftly and effectively, so you can return to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible. With our advanced treatment options and a team of dedicated specialists, FFLC is committed to providing you with the best care possible, conveniently located right in your neighborhood.

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