Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A complete guide to neuromas: what your doctor may not know: must see video

#Neuromas are inflammation of the nerve in between the metatarsals.

  • Burning at the bottom of the foot near the toes
  • Feeling of a rolled up sock in the toe space
  • Numbness between the 2nd and 3rd,  or 3rd and 4th   or 2nd to the 4th


  • Steroid injection
  • 4% alcohol and / or sarapin injections to deaden the nerve
  • physical therapy: nerve stimulation / ultrasound / range of motion
  • metatarsal cookies / padding
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Radiofrequency ablation (burning of nerve)
  • platelet rich plasma
  • stem cell injection
  • Surgery to remove nerve 
    • NOT recommended as first line of treatment, with complication rates up and above 50%, can be worse than the neuroma pain initially. 
    • Stump neuromas or total regrowth can happen with more pain and now scar tissue

What you want to know about : Stem Cell the ultimate transformer cell

When we are conceived and developing we start with one common cell that then divides and so forth. How did we get all our various structures that makes up the human body from that one cell?   Stem cells is one short answer.  The stem cell is a pluripotent or capable to be made into various kinds of cells / building blocks.  The initial cells will get a signal to differentiate into the blood vessels, heart, brain cells, muscle, etc.    

This is in a nutshell how stem cells work.    When we inject into a joint the cells will differentiate into cartilage and capsular cells, or when we inject into a tendon the cells will form tendon cells.

We have been able to fix achilles tendon ruptures or partial tears with stem cells alone without surgery, in fact, I have not have to do achilles tendon repairs in ages due to stem cells.

Joint pain relieved from 50% to 100% with one stem cell injection. MRI studies show that at 6 months new mature cartilage is noted.  Personally,  I had a lateral meniscus tear that resolved after my stem cell injection confirmed with pre MRI and an MRI 1 year after.

Where do the stem cells come from?   The stem cells that we use are from and FDA approved tissue bank that harvest amniotic tissue from healthy females after a live birth. The chorion layer is removed and pure amnion is harvested and frozen at -80 C to place the cells in animate suspension until ready to use, remember the sea monkeys?

Amniotic stem cells are consistent and hypoallergenic, contains hyaluronic acid intrinsically and will immediately start to relieve joint pain and stiffness.  Best results are seen at about six weeks after injection.  An ultrasound is used to guide in the injection ensure 100% placement into the target joint or tissue.

This is what I use for myself, my family and friends who want regenerative technology to stay active.

Stem Cell for Knees

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HyProCure® Before & After TaloTarsal Stabilization

Adult and pediatric flat foot deformity is often overlooked by physicians.   Often I hear, "my pediatrician says my child will grow out of it, etc."  
Reality is that if uncontrolled, more severe deformities can result such as tendon collapse, tendon tears, hips, knee and back pain.

A lot can be done nowadays for patients from simple implants such as the +HyProCure®  implant to bone grafts and fusion.  Not all doctors are familiar with these surgical options.    Seek one with experience in dealing with pediatric and adult flat foot deformities to get a full picture of your options.