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Unveiling the Secrets: Surgery for Fifth Toe, Curly Toe, and Hammertoe | Family Foot & Leg Center

Let us look into the fascinating world of foot surgery, specifically focusing on procedures for conditions like Fifth Toe, Curly Toe, and Hammertoe. These often-misunderstood conditions can cause discomfort and impact mobility, but with the right knowledge and treatment, patients can find relief and regain their quality of life. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind these surgeries and explore how Family Foot & Leg Center is dedicated to providing effective solutions for these common foot ailments.

Understanding Fifth Toe, Curly Toe, and Hammertoe:

Fifth Toe, Curly Toe, and Hammertoe are all deformities that affect the toes, causing them to become misaligned or bent. Fifth Toe, also known as a "pinky toe," can develop a hammertoe-like appearance due to pressure from shoes or inherent structural issues. Curly Toe occurs when one or more toes bend downward or overlap, often causing discomfort and difficulty wearing shoes. Hammertoe is characterized by an abnormal bending of the toe joints, resulting in a hammer-like or claw-like appearance.

The Importance of Surgery:

While conservative treatments such as padding, orthotic devices, and shoe modifications can provide relief for mild cases, surgery may be necessary for more severe or persistent symptoms. Surgery aims to correct the underlying structural abnormalities, realign the toes, and restore proper function and aesthetics. At Family Foot & Leg Center, our experienced team headed by top podiatrist Dr. Kevin Lam specializes in advanced surgical techniques tailored to each patient's unique needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and long-term relief.

Depending on the severity of the deformity and the patient's individual circumstances, various surgical approaches may be employed, including minimally invasive techniques to minimize post-operative discomfort and expedite recovery.

If you're experiencing foot pain, discomfort, or cosmetic concerns, don't let these conditions hold you back any longer. At Family Foot & Leg Center, we're committed to providing compassionate care and innovative solutions to help you overcome these challenges and enjoy a life free from foot pain and limitations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward healthier, happier feet.

Transform your toes and transform your life with surgical solutions from Family Foot & Leg Center. Experience the difference today! 

The Family Foot & Leg Center (FFLC) proudly operates a network of cutting-edge clinics strategically positioned across Collier, Lee, Charlotte, and Sarasota Counties, ensuring that exceptional foot and ankle care is accessible throughout Florida. Our aim is to swiftly and effectively address your foot and ankle challenges, facilitating your return to an active lifestyle with minimal delay. Equipped with advanced treatment modalities and staffed by a team of devoted specialists, FFLC is steadfast in delivering top-tier care conveniently situated in your local community.


This is Dr. Lam, we are doing a fifth toe arthroplasty, because this lady likes to  wear stilettos and won't give it up and she has a nerve type pain right about here. So, see that big thing? Nice little callus, no we don't cut the callus out, we actually do  the bone right underneath it, we're gonna get rid of, we're gonna rotate this toe straight,  okay? 

So I'm gonna go through this, you could keep on watching and -- she's numb  already so this is not so brutal. 

Right here, elliptical incision. I like to do this without using the tourniquet just because it decreases the amount of swelling.  

I also give her some steroids. Already right in the site, as you can see the bone underneath  right about here causing the problem, I'm gonna check for the joint, right here is the joint, releasing some ligaments around the bone, so I try not to cause too much  damage while we go in here, so very carefully cutting around the bone here here's that knuckle that's been causing her pain right here, as you can see right about here that is the knuckle, you're looking at it, imagine that rubbing against the shoe, the nerves are all over  it, etcetera, but that's the knuckle rubbing against the shoe. 

Actually she has an extra growth so this  is not just a regular arthroplasty. She actually developed a growth on this side, a cap growth right about here. This is the regular bone right here, that's the cap of the problem right here, so she formed a little extra growth almost like an osteoneoplasm, we call it osteochondroma, 'cause it's a cap with a cartilage, so here I'm just releasing the soft tissue here as I get the bone out in one piece.

This is the head of the proximal phalanx we're looking at it before right here, this is the  part that's rubbing against her shoe, that extra knob, it's not supposed to be here. It's supposed  to look as smooth as this side right here with nothing but she has extra growth right on the side  right here, osteochondroma, that's what that is. 

Had the cartilage in there and everything right about here. This is the extra tissue that's causing her the pain, we lift it up and we saw that callus right there. Callus is the body's natural way of protecting itself.

So now we have the bone out, it looks like a nice, clean  clear cut and we'll go ahead and re-examine this, make sure there's no sharp edges and I don't see any but mostly this thing has to do with proper tissue rotation, taking out that space that's gonna form a scar tissue.

I'm gonna go ahead and repair the extensor tendon and then Dr. Nelson here will finish up the closure. but I'm gonna go ahead and let's get started on the closure. I'm gonna start the rotation with the soft tissue closure first. My assistant here Dr. Nelson just calling for the dressings right now while I start the deep closure. This will prevent it from being a floppy toe and help to create the foundation for the healing process right here.

The reason why I like to use absorbable sutures, imagine pulling the sutures out of the toe.  It's very painful and this just dissolves in the next few weeks. She's going right back to work tomorrow.

So Dr. Nelson can take over, finish up the closure, as you can see the toenail is up in there,  she has a low chance for another rotation right there. So a couple more stitches  and a couple more rotations we'll be okay. We're good for now.

We'll see you at follow-up.


At the Family Foot & Leg Center (FFLC), we take pride in our expansive network of cutting-edge clinics spread strategically throughout Collier, Lee, Charlotte, and Sarasota Counties, ensuring that no matter where you are in Florida, expert foot and ankle care is within reach. Our mission is to help you overcome your foot and ankle challenges swiftly and effectively, so you can return to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible. With our advanced treatment options and a team of dedicated specialists, FFLC is committed to providing you with the best care possible, conveniently located right in your neighborhood.

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