Thursday, October 30, 2014

Being award Amongst Top Podiatrists in America

Grateful to be recognized for my hard work and dedication to the foot and ankle surgery world.   That path was not always easy.   As a college student I was accepted to start podiatric medical school right after my toughest year as a junior.  As with all college students the senior year was to be a year to unwind, look for jobs, find ourselves and our future path.     On the fast track to the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, managed to still engage in NCAA Tae Kwon Do competition circuit and get graduation honors.     The dean of the school, Dr. Mattacci took me under his wing for my internship year after graduation from Podiatric Medicine, of which I am very grateful for.   The opportunity at Mt Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach and Jackson Trauma Center in Miami was a great experience to learn all phases of podiatry from foot care to trauma and restorative / reconstructive surgery.    

Running an office, mentoring young doctors and student doctors has always been my way of giving back to the profession.     Treating patients and getting them better is my passion.  
Whether I'm at a conference learning or teaching new techniques, to being a consultant with various orthopedic companies and groups, the field of Podiatric Medicine / Surgery, excites my sense of community service and curiosity.
Thank you for the honor. 

Dr. Kevin Lam