Monday, September 14, 2015

Quick Guide to Bunion Surgery- Don't get bunion surgery without reading this

Quick Guide to Bunion Surgery
  • Bunions can dislocate when they get severe enough
  • Bunion surgery does not have to be painful, improved surgical techniques such as our minimally invasive procedure  / scarless bunionectomy decreases pain to almost nothing
  • Bunions can cause arthritis to set in
  • Numerous procedures, ask 10 surgeons and you can get up to 10 different answers on how to address
  • Can be done in the office setting saving money, time, and risk of hospital acquired infections
  • Choose a doctor that has the most experience, not initials after their name, MD, DO, DPM, etc. 
  • Family Foot and Leg Center, PA does average of 10 bunion surgeries a week or more. 
Below you will see a bunion and bunionette (tailor's bunion) corrected in 18 minutes via the scarless method

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