Friday, September 18, 2015

Talus fracture : Personal Injuries #PI common in motor vehicle accidents #MVA

Injuries to the foot and ankle sustained during a motor vehicle event of car vs car or car vs human is very common.  Common one to be explored here today is the talus.

Talus aka Astralgus aka Aviator's injury / fractures were first explored in airplane injuries due to the rudder controls on the plane.   A rough landing or crash would have the foot forcefully dorsiflexed or foot towards ankle injury that causes either a contusion, stress fracture or even a talar neck fracture as below.  This motion or mechanism of injury is similar to when a person's foot is on the brakes of a car in an attempt to stop or reduce a collision.

Below is after repair with opposing screws. 

Often, the foot / ankle is neglected after a motor vehicle accident as the injured is often dealing with other pains such as the neck and back etc.    Always get the foot and ankle assessed after a #MVA as the patient above walked on her broken foot for 1.5 months before seeing me.   Miraculously, she healed without any complications despite delayed surgery.

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