Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Severe Bunion travels 150 miles to Naples, FL for Surgery

Before the bunionectomy, note large Bump on the Bunion
1 wk after surgery with the toe in position and wire
At about 8 weeks patient is in sneakers & regular activities. 

There is no reason to wait for your minimally invasive bunionectomy.  This can be done in the office safely under local anesthesia or in outpatient hospital setting under sedation and local anesthesia.

  1. Can be used for serious bunions such as above
  2. Minimal Pain to no pain. 
  3. Walk immediately after surgery in a boot.
  4. Less risk of infection or complication due to 5mm incision
  5. Office or Outpatient hospital Surgery
  6. Can be used for revisional surgery
  7. Very minimal complication rates
  8. Virtually scarless. 

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