Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Secrets of Bunion Surgery: NO Scar Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery is the bread and butter of most podiatry practices.   Bunions comes in all shapes and sizes from mild , moderate to severe.     Most bunionectomies will require up to 6 week to fully heal but with the advent of new fixation techniques and now scarless bunionectomy a person can be up and about the same day!     The link below shows Dr. Ali K., a colleague discussing about the revolutionary procedure on the DOCTOR TV show that we feature here at FFLC.

Secrets of Bunion Surgery

  1. Most painful process / surgery
    1. Truth: use of local anesthesia before surgery and after surgery with small amounts of steroid injected into the foot will significantly decrease the post operative pain experience, most patients only use 1 or 2 pain pills the day after. 
  2. All Podiatrist and Foot / Ankle Surgeons are the same
    1. Truth: Surgeon's skill varies by their experience and training.  Choose by the reputation of the surgeon. Ask operating room nurses and scrub techs at the hospital for an impartial opinion.  
  3. All Bunion Surgeries Are the Same
    1. Truth: Just as there are varying degrees of bunions, there are numerous bunion surgeries.  
    2. Mild to moderate bunions requires  a certain class of bunionectomies
    3. Severe to pediatric bunions requires another class
  4. Bunions Recur
    1. Truth: There is some truth to this, according to studies 20% of bunions recur after surgery
      1. This is where the skill of the surgeon and selection of procedure becomes important
      2. Majority of the recurrence is from improper selection of procedure. 
  5. Bunion Surgery is Debilitating 
    1. Truth: Newer techniques and screw fixation along with the scarless techniques have allowed patients to start walking in a surgical boot / shoe sometimes from day #1.   This will vary by patient's bone quality, your doctor will be the best judge of that. 
In conclusion: Bunionectomies have come a long way. Pain is no longer an issue with proper surgical technique of the surgeon and utilization of perioperative medication to minimize this pain and discomfort. 

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Recent Pre , During and Post Op Pictures

Notice the small incision.  Aggressive correction and severe lack of swelling.
This is an underlapping bunion where the 2nd toe goes above the bunion.
One wire is used for fixation but is removed at about week 4 to 5 without pain.

Preop:  Painful bump, ouch

Immediately Post op

No more bunion deformity immediately after surgery
Look: 2 stitches and no swelling.   Blue marker another
way to mark the planned bone cut. 

Surgical Cut planning with wire placement and retraction
Cut made and fragment stabilized

Video below shows how this modification can be used for revisional bunionectomies.


  1. I wonder if any surgeons do this procedure in New Zealand as I have a troublesome bunion but all the posts I read from people who have had bunionectomies have had extreme pain after their surgery.

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