Friday, October 30, 2015

#RingWorm skin infection common in #BJJ, #wrestlers and other contact sports.

Ringworm is not really a worm infection at all, it is a form of tinea or fungal infection of the skin.
The infection looks like a ring in nature hence the name, can be raised at the borders.   I have heard of athletes using cigarettes the burn the ringworm out.   Old folkstale cure in the BJJ world possibly but the cigarette burn damages the layer of skin where this fungus lives. In essence killing the fungus as well as its food supply.   Analogy of bulldozing  a house for a roach infestation.     There are safer, less damaging  though less macho ways to treat this infection.

Warm, moist environment such as wet shoes, wet uniforms, wet gym floors / mats from some hard core training can be the culprit, some quick facts

  1. can be passed from person to person
  2. can be easily treated, usually with topical , over the counter antifungals used for athlete's feet
    1. same organism
  3. rotate uniforms , shoes, socks so that they have enough time to dry between workouts
  4. if over the counter topical care does not resolve the issue, then call your doctor to be assessed and possible oral antifungals may be required or just a stronger cream that is only available via prescription from your doctor

How to avoid
  1. rotate shoes , socks and uniforms
  2. fully dry your socks, shoes and uniforms prior to wearing.
  3. Use a rashguard, my favorite is 

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