Monday, October 26, 2015

#MRSA aka Methicillin resistant staph aureus infection in #BJJ, #Wrestling + other contact sports, what you want to know

MRSA aka methicillin resistant staph aureus infections are more common nowadays due to previous over use of antibiotics and nature of bacterias to quickly mutate their genes to resist certain antibiotics.    Staph is all over our skin and a natural part of our skin flora or home bacteria, but if there is a cut / rash, the bacteria can enter the body and cause an infection.    If an abscess forms a surgeon would have to perform surgery to drain the abscess and take a culture to assess the bacteria and sensitivity to antibiotics.   Majority of skin infections are still regular staph or MSSA methicillin sensitive, but if high suspicion or history of MRSA then the patient is usually started on one of the anti MRSA drugs vs normal antibiotics.

  • Risk factors:
    • Previous history of MRSA infection
    • Immunocompromised patients such as: HIV, Rheumatoid pts on immunosuppressants
    • Increase number of people on the mats over time vs interval of cleaning of the mats with antiMRSA agents.   
    • Rolling / training that results in skin abrasions often = more probability for catching and spreading infection. 
    • Healthcare workers, corrections officers etc can be carriers of MRSA on their skin and in their nose due to hazards of the job. 
      • often we, the doctor, assume MRSA until proven otherwise in this group. 
  • Signs of MRSA infection:
    • Redness, pain at the site
    • Regular antibiotics does not work
    • increase in size of redness and swelling
    • increase drainage from the site despite antibiotics
  • What to DO:
    • Go to urgent care or physician ASAP 
    • If initial antibiotics are not working please return to the urgent care or physician ASAP
    • Must have history of previous antibiotics taken for this particular infection as well as other skin infections in the past
    • If after hours , report to nearest emergency room, some of these MRSA can spread fast causing significant tissue injury.   Injured tissue area  great source of food supply for the MRSA  bacteria. 
  • Oral antibiotics vs IV antibiotics
    • There are some oral antibiotics that works well for MRSA infections. 
    • If usual antibiotics don't work a quick workup with a culture or sample of the wound is required to help identify which antibiotic your infection is more sensitive to. Every bug is different in the way it responds to antibiotics
  • How to lower your chances
    • Clean gym on a regular basis
    • Clean uniform required for classes
    • Rash Guard with Silver as a part of fabric such the Hyabusa silver rash guards which are my favorites. 
      • Silver is a nature antimicrobial and rashguards and prevent rashes and cuts.

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