Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips to control foot odor / fungus

Summertime is here and if you live in SWFL you will notice the humidity.   We are seeing more cases of athlete's feet , aka tinea pedis, aka fungal infection of the feet / toe/ nails.
Steps you can take to control, avoid such

  • spray your shoes / sandals with lysol and allow to air for 24 hours, also alternate shoes, sandals
  • if you sweat a lot, use antifungal foot powder spray to keep odor and fungus at bay
  • wash socks in color safe bleach
  • do not wear wet shoes! Dry them out completely before wearing
  • pay attention to between your toes,   toe jam = dead tissue that can be a breeding ground for fungus
Fungus is a tiny organism that lives off your skin cells.   Infections starts with mild itching, scaling of the feet.   Worsening infections can lead to bleeding, pain and severe odor.  Once there is a crack in your skin, the skin is open for bacteria to enter and cause bacterial  infection called cellulitis.    

Diabetics, people with peripheral neuropathy or PAD (peripheral arterial disease) should not try to treat this themselves.   

When all else fails see your podiatrist as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

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