Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Office Based Surgery Suite as cost savings to patients, insurers, government

Did you know that the most expensive part of your surgery is not your surgeon?
It is the facility such as the hospital or surgery center, that cost can be as high as 10 times your surgeon's fees.    With all this talk about cost savings and need for medicare and patients to save money the trend is towards office based surgery suites.  They are based out of the surgeon's office and is certified by the state department of health.   This significantly brings down the cost of surgery procedures by eliminating the highest cost in the equation for surgical procedures.  This allows the surgeon /physician to control the cost of the extraneous expenses and the patient gets the best value.   You still get the same care, anesthesia, etc, but at a fraction of the cost.    The one big barrier to this model of care is that when implants are being used, such as screws, wires, joints, insurance companies are not paying the office suites for these thus possibly passing the cost to the patient.   In most cases even if the cost of implants are forwarded to the patient, office based suites still is a great value vs other facilities.    As our healthcare system goes through these changes we should see more OBS sites.

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