Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post Scarless bunionectomy at 8 wks testimonial

In this video I talk about the ScarLess minimally invasive bunionectomy, AKA 5 mm bunionectomy.
Getting the word out to the public about the ability now to do this bunionectomy with very minimal incision and pain for the patient.   How are we able to do such?  

Mother nature is the answer.    By keeping our incision small we are able to keep all the ligaments, tendons and bone covering called the periosteum intact.  Use of modern interoperative xray technology we can guide the surgical blade live.   This combination allows for a very aggressive bunion correction without collateral damage for the patient.  

See the difference, if you have been afraid of bunion surgery due to pain or have had bunion surgery in the past and has recurred right after the surgery or years after.     This new technique can help with your problem.

See more information at:Scar Less Bunionectomy.  
You too can be a success story.
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