Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ankle Sprain vs ankle fracture

The ankle is made up of 3 ligaments on the outside (fibula) and a cluster of ligaments on the inside (tibia side).    Typical ankle sprains are of a inversion or turning your foot in type of injury.     The most common myth, misconception that I hear from patients is that if they can walk on the ankle it is not broken.   Wrong!
Sometimes the ankle sprain or ligament rupture is more painful then an ankle fracture.   Often  times, I would see a patient one month after an "ankle sprain," only to find an ankle fracture or even a foot fracture.  This poses a problem as then we are dealing with a delayed fix if the bone is broken and needs surgery.

Lesson:  If you suffered from an ankle sprain, no matter how minimal, see your podiatric physician for an ankle and foot xray.  If caught early, you can avoid surgery or long term complications.  

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