Monday, November 30, 2015

BIG Toe pain after Thanksgiving feast

You just may have the GOUT.   What is Gout aka Podagra?    Formerly known as the rich man's disease.   Ben Franklin had it, Kings of England had it.    It is typically an overconsumption of "rich" foods such as red meat, turkey, shellfish, and red wine.    Any overload of protein from any source can bring this about.    

inflammation of the big toe or ankle joint with extreme pain and occurs all of a sudden after a heavy protein meal such as thanksgiving.

Can be confused with:
Cellulitis or an infection, they look the same upon presentation and can be confusing. Sometimes, a physician will give medication for both.

How is it diagnosed?
Blood uric acid levels are inaccurate for acute or immediate attacks.
Joint fluid aspiration aka obtaining fluid from the offending joint via a needle will yield the most accurate diagnosis.

How is it treated?
Cortisone injection
Sometimes medication to control the uric acid
Gout vitamins such as GOUTTROL with natural ingredients to help aid in the inflammation control .

See your podiatrist for this for immediate care and relief.

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