Friday, July 31, 2015

Flat foot and bunion repair 3 stitches

Flat feet can be asymptomatic or in this case very symptomatic with pain and instability of not only the ankle but also of the foot joints.

Bunions can be caused by flat feet with every step you take the big toe moves more towards the midline of the body causing this bunion. It is not a coincidence that people with horrible bunions also have a flat foot deformity.      Here, I match a  minimally invasive flat foot procedure with a minimally invasive bunion that I have modified to give awesome results with the typical downtime and complications associated with traditional flat foot / bunion procedures.

Flat foot deformity can cause hip, knees and back pain in kids and adults.
Kids will not grow out of a flat foot deformity, it must supported at the least.     For those that are painful beyond simple orthotics or inserts control, surgery may be required.

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