Sunday, September 30, 2012

Colts Vontae Davis ankle or foot sprain

Initial reports is that Colt's Vontae Davis suffered and ankle sprain.   How could this be confused with what his is confirmed with having now a foot sprain?  Very easily upon a cursory review.  Let's review the anatomy of the area.   There is a joint below the ankle joint that is intimately connected with a very important foot joint the, subtalar joint (STJ).  The illustration below shows the mechanism of injury that can be the source of either an ankle  or subtalar / foot sprain.
The subtalar joint is more clearly defined in the radiograph below:
As you can see the the two joints are very close to each other and sometimes an athletic injury can have one or both joints sprained depending on how the foot is planted and twisted.  Artificial turf that is unforgiving in regards to sliding can make things worse as the foot can be stuck in one position and the rest of the leg is twisted by the force of a tackle, etc.   During the high speed game of football, these injuries are hard to avoid if your foot is planted, then a tackle or ankle/ foot twist happens with the mechanism shown above.
Treatment is usually an immobilization boot, CAM BOOT, for 4-6 weeks with physical therapy. Physical therapy can consist of cold laser therapy, prolotherapy, ultrasound, estim, etc.

Dr. Kevin Lam

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